Things writing taught me

By Yashika Doshi Here’s a few things that, writing for so many years, and maintaining a page for it, has taught me – The best times I’ve written are those when I wake up in the middle of the night, with an idea or inspiration I didn’t see coming my way. Try not to associateContinue reading “Things writing taught me”

The Last Night – Part – 3

The overwhelming emotions have taken a lot from her. Today she was prepared to get the long overdue closure.

It was already mid night. She drove back home. She struggled a little with the keys and finally opened the door of her house. The beautiful house she built over years. Everything had a story attached to it. Focusing too much on the memories felt like choking on them. The walls started closing in on her as she was looking at the locked door. The night was so quite she could hear her lumping heart.

The last night – Part – 2

Part – two Offices are like cubicles of ignorance. It’s like a neighborhood where so many people live in close proximity but are least bothered about anything happening outside their walls. However, this office was different. It was a company that made gifts. The employees always seemed to be interactive, friendly and on a teaContinue reading “The last night – Part – 2”

The last night – Part – 1

Part – one Every day begins with a new struggle. She woke up that morning, her eyes puffed, mascara spoiled but still looking fine. All she did was look in the kitchen for a mug of coffee. “Where is the coffee?” She shouted almost to herself in frustration. Last night she went out with herContinue reading “The last night – Part – 1”